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Our working tool

Inter Transit Pharma
Pharmaceutical and paramedical

  • 3500 m² transit and handling platform
  • 3 doors with hydraulic docks, watertight sas, trucks reception
  • 1 heavy and exceptional parcel door, + 1 door with access ramp V.U.
  • 4 doors equipped with hydraulic docks under awning, dedicated to stuffing containers
  • 2 doors equipped with hydraulic docks, waterproof and secure, with thermal bridge for access to the warm room
  • An area of 800m² dedicated to the order preparation, labeling
  • A warm room of 2600 m3 (+18°C +21°C), and two TC Reefer HC (+02°C +08°C)
  • 4 electric forklifts 3000 Kg
  • 1 electric forklift double mast 2000 Kg
  • 3 electric pallet trucks (1800 Kg) and 2 standard pallet trucks
  • 2 compressors for dunnage bags
  • Ability of registering an unloading of trucks at the door or container potting due to the presence of cameras at each dock door
  • Monitoring and control of goods, verification of labeling (cosmetics, paramedical)
AEO full certification N° FR 00000107
high quality solutions

Our services

Inter Transit Pharma
Pharmaceutical and paramedical

  • Reception or pick up of goods, reception in our warehouses
  • Transit warehouse to GMP standards for pharmaceutical goods
  • Monitoring and control of goods, labeling (cosmetics, paramedical)
  • Specific customs formalities
  • Authorized warehousekeeper for excise duties
  • Freight coordination by pre-transport by surface to the port or airport
  • ad-valorem insurance
  • Combined / multi modal transport

ITP offers a personalized service for each client. We are your logistics partner for the transit and transport of pharmaceutical products from Europe, Asia and North America to the Maghreb.

AEO full certification N° FR 00000107

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